Marketing Platform and Client Services

Accessridge Advisor is a sales, education, and client communication tool
Accessridge enables financial advisors to deliver current, and concise resources to their clients.
Accessridge Advisor provides access to more than 3,000 resources made up of over 2,300 articles, 200 illustrations and tables, 200 interactive calculators, and over 400 presentations.
Resources are continuously updated to reflect current legislation and industry trends. All of our resources can be searched with a Google-like search engine and they are also organized by 17 life events and 10 financial goals. Forefield has created hundreds of standard presentation templates. These templates are highly formatted, branded with your colors, pictures and logos, and personalized for your clients. For those clients with more specific needs, you can choose from any of our 3,000 resources to compile the presentations that uniquely fit their needs. In addition, you have your choice of having your presentations professionally printed, exported to pdf, or exported to word. For the fastest, least expensive distribution, just send it via our email service and there is no additional charge.

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