• Insurance Industry


    Communication Solutions for the Insurance Industry
    When your product is a service, customers need to clearly understand your value.

    The insurance industry relies on effective communication to keep customers engaged and educated. Today’s multi-channel communication world challenges every insurer to reach out to customers in a multitude of ways.

    Successful insurance agents need to be able to communicate well—to make sure their customers buy the right coverage and understand their policies. Communicating well builds trust and empathy, as well—which increases account expansion and customer retention.
    Accessridge offers the experience and solution diversity to deliver your message – clearly and cost-effectively. From traditional policy statements to web-enabled marketing programs, we provide integrated communication solutions to the Insurance industry that reach beyond the mail – and the internet – to capture your customer’s attention.

  • Applications for Law Firms


    Accessridge manages a broad range of applications law firms use every day.

    Whether you are with a small and growing law firm, or a multinational enterprise firm, legal industry-specific Accessridge Legalfronts solutions can improve your firm’s day-to-day operations and bottom line. Accessridge offers hosted solutions for these and other legal-specific business activities:
    Matter dashboards that centralize time and billing, documents and dockets
    Client extranets offering secure communication with clients and co-counsel
    Matter intake and conflict forms with workflow to streamline the intake process
    Intranet essentials, including firm-wide calendars, personnel directory and IT requests
    Collaboration tools, including practice group sites and wikis
    We host and manage the leading document management systems used by law firms of all sizes.
    Law firm case management & practice management applications
    Payroll and project management applications
    Document production tools
    Law firm accounting/financial/time & billing applications
    Data base applications
    Email security and Internet activity monitoring tools
    Cost recovery applications
    And many other legal industry and productivity applications
    Contact Accessridge Legalfronts for a complete list of supported applications.


  • Real estate marketing services

    house plans

    As a real estate sales agent, your livelihood depends on building and maintaining a network of prospective clients. You typically represent both buyers and sellers, and referrals are a primary source of new clients. As such, there is motivation to maintain a relationship with a client over the long term, assisting clients with the acquisition of their first house, and supporting housing transitions as needed.
    Succeeding as an agent includes proactively managing client communication and client relationships — creating, in effect, a communication plan. This process begins by collecting and tracking basic details to optimize the client relationship. You can use some of this information to determine when and how to communicate with your clients. After developing a communication plan, you need to actively manage the client relationship.
    As an agent, maintaining the appropriate level of contact assures your client that you are forward-thinking and looking out for their best interests. Although communication might be customized for client preferences, it is important to develop communication standards as a baseline for proactively managing the client relationship. In addition, the amount and delivery of communication will change based on your client’s situation. To assist your client communications, develop standard templates and tools to increase efficiency and customize existing content to suit the specific needs of clients. For instance, as you identify client leads and update the client record you can collect required and additional information as needed. By using available tools and processes, you can actively manage your client relationships.
    • Develop a communication strategy (Article)
    Learn how implementing a communication strategy can help your business succeed.
    • Real estate client communication plan (Template)
    Use this template to develop a communication plan for proactively managing your client relationship.
    • Real estate client introduction letter (Template)
    Use this template to assist you with writing different types of introduction letters to prospective buyers or sellers, or to create a market analysis certificate.
    • Real estate newsletter with articles (Template)
    Use this Publisher template to create a newsletter for your former and future clients.
    • Real estate brochure (Template)
    Use this template to create a brochure about your real estate business and the properties you are listing.

  • Document Management, Statement & billing


    Accessridge enables you to maximize the value of your printed materials by adding relevant and personalized information while eliminating storage and obsolescence costs. Our digital print-on-demand paper and electronic bill delivery solutions offer fully integrated end-to-end solutions for delivery of bill statement and other correspondence and transactional documents. Accessridge takes digital a step further by delivering the complete digital package including:
    • Document design
    • Variable data printing
    • Data base management
    • Web page design
    • Media replication
    • Document distribution
    • Kitting & fulfillment