Corporate issuer communication solutions

Every company operates under the close scrutiny of multiple shareholder groups. Investors, customers, employees, government, local communities, Accessridge offers a simplified approach to shareholder communication management, more flexibility based on your unique needs, and more insight into your shareholder base.The Corporate Communications team at Accessridge Consulting specializes work with clients to achieve outcomes with tailored corporate communications services that deliver credible and consistent messages to priority shareholders through a variety of channels.

Annual Meeting Services
We provide the resources to help fulfill your regulatory obligations and manage the annual meeting process. Virtual, in-person, and hybrid meeting options engage shareholders and offer a full range of voting methods.
Call Center Solutions
Our call center is comprised of highly skilled customer service representatives and an experienced management team to provide you with cost and time savings. Whether you need full-service cost neutralization, after-hour support or overflow call handling, we can efficiently manage your customer calls.
Consulting Solutions
Accessridge provides a wide range of consulting services for businesses seeking to transform their customer communications. From assistance with a specific issue to a complete end-to-end analysis of a customer engagement process, our consultancy team utilise the knowledge gained from years of operational expertise and multiple engagements around the globe to develop a blueprint and implementation roadmap specific to your operation.
Data and Reporting Services
We help advisors efficiently and cost-effective Proxy & Regulatory Communications
Our proxy management expertise supports your business in meeting current and future regulatory requirements, helping to maximize transparency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.
Education and Advice
Our libraries contain hundreds of articles on important financial topics written by the experts at Accessridge for Financial educations and Communications, No matter what you are looking for, you’ll find a wealth of resources to help investors understand key concepts and make better decisions.
Shareholder Communications
Our proxy, annual report, and corporate actions and solutions help you communicate effectively with shareholders and efficiently manage the complexities of corporate governance.
Statement & Billing
Accessridge Billing and Statements solution helps achieve both goals, delivering high ROI while also rejuvenating the ROI of existing IT investments. With no change to existing business systems, Accessridge introduces a complete and modern document management environment, from creation and composition to high-volume production and multichannel, environmentally-friendly delivery.

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