Transfer Agent Services

Communications and transactional services
Accessridge offers a comprehensive suite of services that can handle your stock transfer and registrar needs—helping you to achieve the greatest efficiencies and tap into the potential in your shareholder base through:
• A client portal that provides detailed, customizable reports and advanced search and filtering capabilities, as well as a wealth of on-demand information within a simple, intuitive tool.
• A client-branded shareholder portal with a customized landing page that offers everything your shareholders need to manage their accounts, including unique options such as “smart messaging” alerts and information.
Nation-based Call Centers where every caller is directly connected to a highly-trained customer service representative equipped with real-time shareholder information. We can tailor the Call Center to your business’ culture and needs, including customized contact options, service and metrics.
• Fully transparent contracts with no hidden clauses and cost penalties – just clear, easy-to-understand terms.