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We are a provider of  investor communication services and the nation’s facilitator of communications between the financial services industry and their clients. With over 200 dedicated professionals focusing on a single mission: to manage and distribute critical information and deliver returns for our clients. From our founding in 2011, we have managed and delivered retirement and investment plan education products and services for a wide range of investors, including; public and private pension providers, retirement plan administrators , educational institutions, foundations, endowments, corporations, financial advisers, individuals and other distribution sources around the nation.

The primary aim of our website is to provide you with insights into the thinking that drives our services strategies and firm. You will find information about how we see the global economy, including short and long-term social, geo-political and economic trends. You will find material on how this translates into services and institutional positioning over time. There is also information on our people, our products, and our history.

Simply put, we have designed and organized Accessridge.com to offer you access to a wealth of thought leadership, educational content, firm information and details about our broad range of services strategies. Think of it as the portal to everything that makes us Your Investor Communication Management.

We believe that Accessridge’s disciplined, time-tested services process is an extremely effective way for our clients that are committed to increasing value to policyholders by helping them prepare to meet their financial goals and achieve their objectives in a world that is undergoing fundamental shifts in wealth creation and growth drivers. Our team is intensely focused on providing superior service and technology-driven solutions across a range of Investor Communication.

We are proud of the trust that our clients have placed with Accessridge from our founding in 2011, and we are always working hard to sustain and enhance what we deliver to millions of people around the world who rely on us.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about Accessridge’s philosophy, ideas and culture. Please feel free to share any thoughts with us and learn more about Accessridge, investor communications solutions and securities processing via our Contact Us Form.

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Ogechukwu O. Okwuofu
Chief Executive Officer